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Unlock the power to control your wellness journey at Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic! While we can't prevent trauma, choosing to embrace the best in wellness and self-care is entirely in your hands. At our clinic, we're dedicated to identifying your unique needs and guiding you toward a healthier, happier, and more joyful lifestyle. Don't just cope—thrive! Join us at Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic and transform your life today.

Holistic (Natural Solution) health coaching uses an integrative approach to diet and lifestyle adjustments to improve the client’s physical and mental health.

Our approach is to guide individuals toward an overall healthier and happier life. Within our coaching framework our goal is to enhance our client’s wellbeing and facilitate the realization of health-related goals whether they are physical, mental or both.

We examine the larger picture of the client’s life to focus on areas that require self-improvement, and it views the mind, body, and spirit as one. Many issues are addressed that affect poor eating habits, challenging choices that are connected to lifestyle to achieve long-term results.

If a client wants to focus on gaining a positive mindset, their stress levels and relationships with others may need to be examined.
If another client wants to manage their body weight, their relationships with food, exercise, and even emotional wellbeing could be investigated.

Before and After Health Coach Treatment

Mind and Body Hair Loss Treatment before and after
Mind and Body Hair Loss Treatment before and after
Mind and Body Hair Loss Treatment before and after

Why Choose Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic for Health Coaching?

Natural Solutions health coaching looks at multiple facets including:

Physical fitness
Recreational activities

The Principles of Life & Health Coaching

Principles of health coaching Natural Solution Life and Health coaching at Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic focuses on the following principles.

  • To have a purpose and to improve the health and wellness of clients.
  • To have clients understand that they are resourceful and have self-management abilities.
  • To form an active partnership with the client.
  • To focus on the benefit of the client by providing a personalized approach.
  • To set goals for the client based on their preferences rather than those of professionals.
  • To Help people assess the point they are at and see how to move forward through healthier action and behaviors.
  • To improve insight through health education, reflection, identifying client barriers, and strategies of self-awareness.
  • To allow the client to feel empowered because of health coaching.
  • To build skills from lived experience and skills learned from the coach.


Danielle Mitwasi is an Author, Hair loss specialist Trichologist, Nutritionist, Health and Behavioral Change Coach, and expert consultant based in Temecula, California.  She has worked with clients for over 23 years. Her interests are diverse in all aspects of the human healthy lifestyle and healing childhood trauma. Her passion is about witnessing her clients developing happier and healthier individuals to their full potential.

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What our Client Say:

The office staff is very professional along with the services. I am very thankful I found Mind & Body Rejuvenation to restore my beautiful hair. Thank you for all of your services.
In the hardest time in my life, and when I was struggling and losing my hair, you always were willing to listen and give advice. I am so thankful and will always remember your kindness and unconditional support.
Hi, Danielle, I wanted to thank you again for helping me grow healthier hair, but especially for always listening to me and helping me during the past year.
I first came to Mind & Body Rejuvenation August of 2020 after purchasing a Groupon online. I wasn't sure what to expect. My hair was thinning; I was losing clumps by the day. Fast forward to today, my hair is fuller, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, SHINIER and NEW GROWTH IS VISIBLE. The owner, Danielle is an amazing, honest, welcoming human being and her staff is always accommodating to my needs. After I used my Groupon, I purchased additional sessions. What Danielle offers is unparalleled to other products in the market and her 5 star customer service makes me want to continue coming back. I highly recommend Mind & Body Rejuvenation.
Rigo Bravo
Thanks so much for your nutritional support and guidance. It worked amazingly well, and I plan to continue using your supplements for endurance and lean body.

Awards and Recognition

Mind & Body Rejuvenation is the Trusted Authority for Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment and Amplified Wellness in Temecula, CA
mind & body's award 2023


Here at Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic, we are known for our patience and focus on effective results. Browse our gallery to see how our products and services have helped many individuals manage their conditions and reach their wellness goals. Please contact our rejuvenation clinic if you wish to learn how you can experience the same results. Our friendly representatives will assist you promptly.


Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic offers a unique understanding of holistic health care, and we have solutions for both your mind and your body.
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