About Mind & Body Rejuvenation

Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic has a strong foundation in the local community dating back to the early 2000s.  Our clinic was developed from the former Hair Regrowth Clinic in Temecula, where Randy Ice was the managing partner. 

For over 20 years our hair loss professional has focused on laser enhancement therapy hair regrowth and much more.  Our staff has acted as the trusted hair regrowth adviser to many clients throughout Southern California, particularly in the Inland Empire.  We believe our presence in the community is the result of the lasting relationships we have built with our clients. 

At Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic, we have developed these relationships one client at a time.  We do this by providing straightforward solutions to their hair loss and implementing hair regrowth by targeting the reason for the loss. Our clients have become our friends and extended family. 

Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic’s staff takes great pride in our local community involvement and believes strongly in giving back to the community in which we conduct business.  We actively participate with many local charitable organizations throughout the Valley. 

By living and serving in our community we have developed a stronger tie to the clients we serve.

Danielle Mitwasi

Meet Our Leader

Danielle (Dani) Mitwasi, Trichologist

Danielle Mitwasi is a philanthropist, published author, Trichologist (certified hair growth specialist), and nutritionist who specializes in laser enhancement therapy treatments for the regrowth of hair. Her passion for natural healing started after reversing her own obesity and hair loss through nutrition and cold laser treatments. Danielle attended Clayton School of Nutrition to learn to be healthy naturally, she graduated in 1997. She then attended the US Trichology Institute to learn the art of hair regrowth and several hair loss treatments. She joined Longevity Plus in the early 2000s, which merged with Hair Regrowth Clinic in 2010, implementing laser hair therapy. Fast forward to 2019, she ventured out on her own and established Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic. She now helps her clients live a happier life by teaching them how to regain and maintain a fuller, healthier head of hair.

What our Client Say:

The office staff is very professional along with the services. I am very thankful I found Mind & Body Rejuvenation to restore my beautiful hair. Thank you for all of your services.
In the hardest time in my life, and when I was struggling and losing my hair, you always were willing to listen and give advice. I am so thankful and will always remember your kindness and unconditional support.
Hi, Danielle, I wanted to thank you again for helping me grow healthier hair, but especially for always listening to me and helping me during the past year.
I first came to Mind & Body Rejuvenation August of 2020 after purchasing a Groupon online. I wasn't sure what to expect. My hair was thinning; I was losing clumps by the day. Fast forward to today, my hair is fuller, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, SHINIER and NEW GROWTH IS VISIBLE. The owner, Danielle is an amazing, honest, welcoming human being and her staff is always accommodating to my needs. After I used my Groupon, I purchased additional sessions. What Danielle offers is unparalleled to other products in the market and her 5 star customer service makes me want to continue coming back. I highly recommend Mind & Body Rejuvenation.
Rigo Bravo
Thanks so much for your nutritional support and guidance. It worked amazingly well, and I plan to continue using your supplements for endurance and lean body.


Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic offers a full unique understanding of holistic health care, and we have solutions for both your mind and your body.
Contact our health & wellness professionals, and see the Mind & Body Difference for yourself!  
Mind and Body Rejuvenation
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