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We provide non-surgical solutions that restore your hair and educate you on maintaining healthy hair for the long term.
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Get Your Hair Back, Lose Weight, Melt Fat, and Feel Great With Mind & Body's Holistic, Modern Approach to Natural Wellness

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Our Advanced Natural Treatments:

Have Better, Thicker, Stronger Hair
Lose Fat & Reduce Your Weight
Look Younger & Feel Amazing

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Mind & Body Rejuvenation is the Trusted Authority for Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment, Weight Loss Treatment, and Amplified Wellness in Temecula, CA

What our Client Says

The office staff is very professional along with the services. I am very thankful I found Mind & Body Rejuvenation to restore my beautiful hair. Thank you for all of your services.
In the hardest time in my life, and when I was struggling and losing my hair, you always were willing to listen and give advice. I am so thankful and will always remember your kindness and unconditional support.
Hi, Danielle, I wanted to thank you again for helping me grow healthier hair, but especially for always listening to me and helping me during the past year.
I first came to Mind & Body Rejuvenation August of 2020 after purchasing a Groupon online. I wasn't sure what to expect. My hair was thinning; I was losing clumps by the day. Fast forward to today, my hair is fuller, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, SHINIER and NEW GROWTH IS VISIBLE. The owner, Danielle is an amazing, honest, welcoming human being and her staff is always accommodating to my needs. After I used my Groupon, I purchased additional sessions. What Danielle offers is unparalleled to other products in the market and her 5 star customer service makes me want to continue coming back. I highly recommend Mind & Body Rejuvenation.
Rigo Bravo
Thanks so much for your nutritional support and guidance. It worked amazingly well, and I plan to continue using your supplements for endurance and lean body.

Voted Temecula's #1 Hair Loss Clinic for Men & Women

Tired of Losing Your Hair? We Can Help!

Get Your Hair Back Quickly By Enrolling In The Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Temecula, CA
Natural hair loss treatment for men and women of all races
Non-invasive, customized hair loss solutions tailored to your body's chemistry
Safe, secure, confidential, and empathetic care
Thorough initial consultations to ensure you get the treatment you need
Cost effective and less harsh than surgical hair transplants
Your hair will look healthy and new after treatment
Text or Call 951-383-5441 for a hair loss consultation now!


    PRP vs. Mind & Body's Customized Natural Hair Loss Treatment

    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
    Only 48% effective
    Costs $2,075 to $11,375
    Invasive and painful
    Does not fix the root cause for hair loss
    Often disrupts and harms the follicle
    Side effects causing injury to blood vessels, infection, calcification at the injection points, scar tissue, and reaction to the anesthetic
    May be refused for the following: blood thinners, heavy smokers, drug misuuse, acute or chronic infections, cancer, chronic liver disease, chronic skin disease, hemodynamic instability, hypofribrinogenemia, metabolic disorder, platelet dysfunction syndromes, systemic disorder, sepsis, low platelet count, thyroid disease
    Short-term, temporary fix
    Not a personal, customized approach to hair regrowth
    Our Customized Natural Hair Loss Treatment
    98% effective
    Only $99 per session - most clients see regrowth in just 4 sessions
    Pain-free and non-invasive
    Fixes the root cause of hair loss
    Our personalized laser therapy treatment stimulates follicles
    No injections of any kind with safe laser therapy, topical hair products and supplements providing natural hair regrowth
    Works for everyone and is a natural therapy that helps diagnose and treat all causes of hair loss
    Long-term solution with lasting results
    Personalized care and long-term education and support is provided for long term hair growth

    Ask About Our 30 Day Hair Regrowth Solution for $396

    Do you dream of having a full head of hair? Our approach to hair regrowth is a non-invasive and healthy approach to restoring hair. Do not wait any longer to find a solution and get started.
    Text or Call 951-383-5441 for a hair loss consultation now!

    Hair Loss Clinic for Men & Women

    Are you finding strands and clumps of hair on your brush, pillow, and in the shower? We can help you get a thicker, fuller head of hair in as little as 30 days at Mind & Body Hair Loss Clinic.

    Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic in Temecula, CA is dedicated to providing the latest non-surgical procedures with our experienced certified hair growth counselor and nutritionist.

    Losing your hair can happen in small and at times unnoticeable ways. Men and women might notice a few hairs on the pillowcase, in the sink or on their brush.  Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors including aging, healing time after injury or surgery, Covid-19, biochemical changes and cell exhaustion.

    Call today to talk about your hair loss options today and make an appointment for a consultation.

    Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic serves all of your wellness goals. We absolutely LOVE seeing our customers flourish after their natural, holistic, and personalized treatments!

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    Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic offers a unique understanding of holistic health care, and we have solutions for both your mind and your body.
    Contact our health & wellness professionals, and see the Mind & Body Difference for yourself!  
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    Open 8am - 8 pm  ( Monday-Thursday )
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