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What’s Included in Your $99 Consultation:

🔍 General Health Condition Analysis: We'll assess your overall health to identify any underlying factors contributing to hair loss.

🥗 Nutrition & Dieting Review: Discover how your diet impacts hair health and receive personalized nutrition advice.

💡 Daily Habits Evaluation: Learn how your everyday habits might be affecting your hair and what changes can make a difference.

🌸 Gynecological System Check (for females): Understand how hormonal balance plays a role in hair health.

😓 Stress Assessment: Identify stress factors that could be accelerating hair loss and find ways to manage them.

🧴 Scalp Condition Examination: Get a detailed analysis of your scalp health to address any issues at the root.

🧬 Genetic Pattern Analysis: Learn about your genetic predisposition to hair loss and how to mitigate its effects.

📜 Hair Loss History Review: Share your hair loss journey with our experts to tailor a personalized treatment plan.

🔬 Hair Scope Analysis: See the condition of your hair follicles up close with our advanced hair scope technology.

Treating Hair Loss with Tremendous Success
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Natural Hair Restoration
Pain-free and non-invasive - no PRP no medications no surgery
We find the reason behind the hair loss and educate our clients on how to maintain beautiful hair for the long term.
Our experienced Trichologists will evaluate symptoms and medical history to determine the best treatment option in achieving a full head of hair.
Mind & Body works to find the root cause of hair loss while providing clients with the tools to maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp.
Red Light Laser Therapy
Our medical grade laser therapy treatment stimulates follicles. No injections of any kind with safe laser therapy, topical hair products and supplements providing natural hair regrowth. Laser therapy can also help those who require laser therapy after surgery or PRP.
No Surgery
Our non-invasive approach helps to stop shedding and grow hair back naturally while empowering clients with the knowledge of how to maintain healthy looking hair for the long term. Surgery can be a temporary solution without knowing the initial cause of hair loss.
Experience the incredible, personalized results that prove the myths behind male and female patterned baldness! There is always a reason behind hair loss. We care enough to find out why.
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How It Works

  1. In your initial consultation, our certified tricologist identifies the areas of hair loss and any possible skin disorders.
  2. You get a customized plan to stop shedding and help grow back problem areas while enabling the cycle of hair regrowth.
  3. You receive amazing support from our team who will work on improving & optimizing your overall wellbeing when it comes to sleep, nutrition, metabolism, and hormones.
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Discover why thousands of men and women have turned to Mind and Body Rejuvenation Clinic for solutions to their hair restoration inquiries.

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Danielle Mitwasi

Danielle (Dani) Mitwasi

Danielle Mitwasi is a philanthropist, published author, Trichologist (certified hair growth specialist), and nutritionist who specializes in laser enhancement therapy treatments for the regrowth of hair. Her passion for natural healing started after reversing her own obesity and hair loss through nutrition and cold laser treatments. Danielle attended Clayton School of Nutrition to learn to be healthy naturally, she graduated in 1997. She then attended the US Trichology Institute to learn the art of hair regrowth and several hair loss treatments. She joined Longevity Plus in the early 2000s, which merged with Hair Regrowth Clinic in 2010, implementing laser hair therapy. Fast forward to 2019, she ventured out on her own and established Mind & Body Rejuvenation Clinic. She now helps her clients live a happier life by teaching them how to regain and maintain a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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America’s #1 Natural Hair Restoration Clinic

We provide non-surgical solutions that restore your hair and educate you on maintaining healthy hair for the long term.
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